CNTCV: Communication and Networking Techniques for Contemporary Video

In today's networks the same video data is simultaneously transmitted to multiple heterogeneous receivers over diverse channels. In such multiuser and delay-constrained systems, one needs to jointly consider both the communication and networking layer design to achieve optimum performance. Furthermore recent work has shown that novel caching and storage techniques at mobile devices and/or access points can dramatically reduce the network traffic.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on real-time communication, storage, and caching techniques for contemporary video. Therefore, the focus of the workshop will be mainly on experimental and theoretical aspects of networking and communication layer techniques that tackle the recent explosive growth in video traffic, particularly over wireless networks.

Overall, the ultimate objective of this workshop is to bring closer researchers working on these emerging problems and share their latest results, formulate new problems from both communication and networking perspectives, and create awareness about their practical significance.