IEEE MiSeNet 2017 will aim to provide a forum for participants from academia and industry to discuss topics in mission-oriented WSNs and cyber-physical systems research and practice. IEEE MiSeNet 2017 will serve as incubator for scientific communities that share a particular research agenda in the area of mission-oriented WSNs and cyber-physical systems. IEEE MiSeNet 2017 will provide its participants with opportunities to understand the major technical and application challenges of mission-oriented WSNs and cyber-physical systems as well as exchange and discuss scientific and engineering ideas related to their architecture, protocol, algorithm, and application design, in particular at a stage before they have matured to warrant conference/journal publications.

IEEE MiSeNet 2017 will seek papers that present novel theoretical and practical ideas as well as work in-progress, which will lead to the development of solid foundations for the design, analysis, and implementation of energy-efficient, reliable, and secure mission-oriented WSN applications and cyber-physical systems.