Call For Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Communications and Networking Protocols
Energy efficient protocols and routing techniques
Cognitive networking
Cooperative communications
Cross-layer protocol designs
Multiple-access and medium access control and sharing
Low-power wireless communications
Ad-hoc, mesh, and linear sensor networks
Distributed sensing

Systems and Applications
Modeling, simulation, and experimental studies
Tools, testbeds, and deployment issues
Software defined systems and testbed designs
Transceiver designs
Internet of (underwater, underground, and intrabody) things
Autonomous mobile or static (implantable in a living tissue or in a reservoir) transceiver and system designs
Health and environmental concerns for next-generation applications
Future arising challenges

Signal Processing and Channel Modeling
Signal models Sensor-array processing
Physical layer communication schemes
Modulation and coding techniques
Receiver design Signal filtering and detection
Signal propagation and attenuation models (absorption, scattering, fading, multipath)
Measurement and characterization (modeling) of real-world aspects of wireless (underwater, intrabody, underground) networks